”Premium menswear since 1922”

ROY ROBSON is an international lifestyle brand, customers have been placing their trust in ROY ROBSON’s fashion acumen and quality since 1922. Skilled tailoring and quality workmanship are at the heart of ROY ROBSON’s position as an international lifestyle brand.

The brand’s logo, a three-strand Matthew Walker knot, symbolises the company’s values:  AUTHENTICITY, COHESION, TRADITION & MODERNITY.

With roots going back to traditional tailoring , ROY ROBSON has been at the cutting edge of modern fashion, having the passion and eye for detail they have pushed the line between casual wear and formal.

In the store we have a selection of ROY ROBSON’s chinos in 4 colours, denim jeans, casual jackets / blazers and 2 & 3 piece suits.

We carry two fits in ROY ROBSON’s suits, the shape fit, which is a contemporary cut which emphasises the wearer’s figure and boasts a very reliable fit. And a slim fit, a young slim-fitting suit, figure hugging and shorter. This young modern style offers a reliable fit for men who like to keep up to date with the latest trends.


”No matter the occasion it’s easy to care about your wardrobe.”