‘’The Shoe That Breathes’’, this has been the cornerstone of Geox’s mission since their very beginning.

First conceived over 25 years ago by founder and president Mario Moretti Polegato while on holiday in Reno, Nevada, he decided to piece the soles of his shoes in order to allow his feet to breathe in the searing sun.

On his return home he quickly set up a company to manufacture and patent his unique and new design, this grew and grew and before he knew it Mario was designing, manufacturing and selling his shoes to Men, Ladies and children, setting the foundations for the brand we love today.

Today GEOX has a wide range of designs on offer, all adapted with their unique breathable design and loved by all internationally. 

  In store you can find a selection of styles including the Velletri, Adrien, Spherica, Delray, Aerantis and the Tivoli, perfect for those days out this spring / summer 2022.